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We are a friendly group. Our humble leaders have been volunteering in their communities for many years, and they bring with them the ability to lead, to inspire and to care for the needy without condescension or hidden agendas.


With over 50 years of volunteer experience among them, our leaders provide Harahan Christian Church with the inspiration and direction to keep it going and growing.

David Lauricella, Jr.



Bio: Pastor, David began his life as a minister while he was still very young.  He was 23 years old the day he was ordained and began his ministery under the wise council of his late grandfather, Pastor Marion "Sugar" Lauricella.  The senior Lauricella was the founder of the Harahan Christian Church and was its acting minister for more than 40 years.  He and his wife Antoinette both dedicated their lives to humbly serving the God that they both so faithfully loved up until their final days. 


The younger Lauricella studied under Rev. Sugar from '05-'10 and assumed the title of Senior Pastor after his beloved grandfather passed away.  Pastor David attended and graduated from Loyola University and received a bachelors degree in Business Management in '06.  He currently works fulltime all week as well as attends to the church.  He is married to Magen Lauricella and has 3 daughters whose names are Sophia, Sadie and Stella. 

Pastor Marion "Sugar" Lauricella



Pastor Sugar founded the church in the 1960's and was the acting minister from that time until his death in 2010.  He and his wife Antoinette devoted their lives to faithful service of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The pair worked together and helped organize many different relief efforts to help countless lives throughout the world.  They're works and mission live on.

David Lauricella, Sr.



Bio: David Lauricella Sr, is the father of the minister and is the eldest son of the founding Pastor, the late Rev. Marion "Sugar" Lauricella.  He has faithfully attended the church his whole adult life and is the acting president.  He is married to Susan Lauricella and has 4 children all of which are active members within the church.  They are listed oldest to youngest.  Carmen, David, Lindsay and Kellie. 


David Sr. has an important role in the outreach aspect of our church and has assisted in the many projects the church has undertaken in recent years.

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